SongSpace is a tribute to the inception, development, and continuation of the tradition of the Latvian Song and Dance Celebration. There are as many opportunities to experience the exposition as there are steps in the Participants’ Parade. The information, aesthetic pleasure and emotions offered here is inextricably linked to the path each person has taken to get here.


The Līgo Flag

The Līgo flag is the most important symbol of the Latvian Song and Dance Celebration. Since the very first festival, the Līgo flag has been carried at the front of the Song Celebration’s opening procession. The original flag is kept in a museum because it is very fragile and requires careful preservation, therefore, the flag in our exhibition is a delicately crafted replica. 

The Largest Choir in the World

The multimedia installation The Largest Choir in the World is an immersive, emotional adventure, where, on 128 screens, one can experience the powerful story of the Latvian Song Celebration. From the most serene sounds of Latvian nature to the massed choir of 16,000 voices singing in perfect harmony, the installation culminates in Mārtiņš Braun’s emblematic song Sun, Thunder, Daugava as it echoes through the Mežaparks open air stage. 

River of Time

The River of Time winds throughout the 150-year history of the Song and Dance Celebration. Faces, voices, stories, and memories merge into the River of Time, telling and testifying that the Song and Dance Celebration is not just a grand, breathtaking concert that occurs every five years, but rather an endless flow. It is a process of community building, coming together, singing and dancing with one another, and exploring folk music, folklore, and other expressions of the creativity of the human spirit that not only strive to strengthen and enrich the identity of the nation, but also to pass on the tradition. With each new generation, the contents of the Song and Dance Celebration changes and expands as it is expressed through each and every participant, supporter, spectator, critic, and doubter – thus, the largest choir in the world is created. 

Choral Music Listening Chairs

Following the principle of the choral collection “Song Jewels” by author Jānis Cimze, one of the first composers of Latvian professional music, the choral music listening chairs provide the opportunity to listen to 24 of the most frequently included songs in the Song and Dance Celebration repertoire.