About The Exhibition

The Latvian Museum of Literature and Music offers its visitors a unique permanent exhibition – the first and largest of its kind, dedicated to the tradition of the Latvian Song Celebration – SongSpace, which has been created in honor of the 150th anniversary of the first Latvian Song Celebration.

The Latvian Museum of Literature and Music’s mission is to inspire a contemporary understanding of the national heritage of writing and music in Latvia, and to promote the idea of ​​the museum as a space for new experiences and meaningful conversations – this exhibition, SongSpace, is another national treasure that will inspire people’s curiosity and desire to explore the tradition, as well as call for an intellectual and emotional need to maintain it. The exhibition is a platform that celebrates and educates about this long-established tradition, serving as a modern and innovative space for discussion, conversation and visioning of cultural heritage.


Exhibitions Organizer
Latvian Museum of Literature and Music

Iveta Ruskule 

Anna Heinrihsone, Austris Mailītis, Mailitis Architects  

“Mailītis Arhitekti” (Austris Mailītis, Roberta Fišere, Jānis Lielmanis, Žanete Bērziņa un Reidži Kobajaši)

Graphic designers

Project Leader
Iveta Grava  

Ilona Matvejeva  

Concept Developers of the Installation ” The Biggest Choir in the World”
Ivars Mailītis un Austris Mailītis

Researchers and creative team
Kristīne Želve, Juris Vaivods, Uldis Cekulis, Ieva Ezeriete, Rūta Līcīte, Daiga Bondare, Inese Žune, Liega Piešiņa, Laura Švītiņa, Ivita Brūdere, Roberts Rubīns, VFS FILMS, Sigvards Kļava, Jēkabs Nīmanis, Kvadrifrons, Lote Vilma Vītiņa  

Lauma Malnace, Renāte Neimane, Inga Žilinska  

Aija Abens, Inta Liepiņa, Brigita Stroda, Marisa Gudrā

Construction and technical solution
SOLAVI, VFS FILMS, Yes, we can!, LowTech, Rihards Gulbis, Jānis Ķīkulis

Exhibition Concept Developer
Austris Mailītis  

This exhibition would not have been possible without the help of archives, museums, and libraries all over Latvia as well as collectors, researchers, and song celebration enthusiasts! Thank you!

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