Community Room

The second floor of the exhibition is dedicated to activities, where the Celebration’s participants, organizers, spectators, as well as anyone interested in learning about the tradition are invited to meet. It is a place that will contribute to the exploration of the Song and Dance Celebration tradition, the consolidation of information, as well as the physical and digital accessibility of materials. 

The community room offers:

  • Varying exhibitions
  • A viewing of the unique Una Corda Piano built by craftsman Dāvids Kļaviņš
  • An open-access bookshelf containing books about the Song Celebration, celebration catalogues (guides), materials about the celebrations in Latvia’s different regions, sheet music and dance records from celebrations past, periodicals, articles, etc. 
  • A work environment that aids in research
  • The opportunity to organize seminars, lectures, discussions, educational activities, and other events

Varying exhibitions

Vilis Daudziņš “The first Latvian Song Celebration in pictures”

This exhibition presents the events and participants of the first Latvian Song Celebration through the witty viewpoint of actor Vilis Daudziņš. The actor created drawings during the filming of Māris Martinsons’ Zeme, kas dzied (The Land that Sings”), in which he portrayed Bernhard Dīriķis, a member of the Riga Latvian Society and one of the organizers of the song festival.

Māris Bērziņš, Anna Heinrihsone “Pastāsti par dziesmusvētkiem”